Change Log

10.01.2002 0.98 bugfix: Printing under Windows(c) didn't work properly.
20.01.2002 0.99 bugfix: sometimes saving didn't work.
colours changed.
23.01.2002 0.99b help text and sources extended by hints to GNU GPL.
25.01.2002 0.99c new: start-size of all "sub"-frames depends on size of main frame.
new: "Save Settings" option to save position and size on screen and number of shown days.
bugfix: font positioning improved.
09.02.2002 1.0 bugfix: font positioning for Windows (c) improved.
redesign: introduction of some subclasses.
new: search for events in DatesManager.
27.02.2002 1.1 new: export/import function.
new: cyclic events can be limited to n-times.
changed: file format of data base. DateLook 1.1 reads old file ".datelook.dat", converts file format automatically and writes dates to new file ".datelook.dt".
new: deletion of more than one event at once.
bugfix: event's text couldn't start with digits. After saving they were lost.
bugfix: When mouse is over, then the appearing description of cyclic events is sometimes wrong (day/month/year of other repetition is shown.).
new: In ExtendedView the description of cyclic events is shown only once.
16.09.2002 1.2 changed: now DateLook requires the Java runtime environment 1.4.0.
new: export/import function uses the "vCalendar V1.0"-format.
changed: file format of data base changed to "vCalendar V1.0"-format. DateLook 1.2 reads old file ".datelook.dt", converts file format automatically and writes events to new file ".datelook.vcs".
new: each event has an attached long description.
changed: better help with table of content and links.
changed: data base and settings file are no longer stored in home directory; they are stored in default directory of a user, because there were problems with Windows 2000 (c).
01.10.2002 1.3 new: synchronisation of local database with a remote database on a FTP-server or file-server.
new: F1-key opens the help-windows from all other windows.
new: full wheeler-mouse support.
changed: mouse-handling and mouse-pointer in main-window improved.
09.11.2002 1.4 new: "extended" or "simple view" is stored in settings.
new: when in the editor-window the number of periods of a cyclic event is changing, then a popup-window appears to show the day of last occurrence.
30.11.2002 1.5 new: introduction of event's class "public" or "private" to control the synchronisation.
new: printing of a single event from Editor-window including detailed description.
30.03.2003 1.6 new: beside Monday's date the number of week is visible in calendar and in a more compressed view instead of  the day of the week the number of week appears.
new: improved searching for events (more than one search string possible).
changed: better placement of summaries in extended view.
04.04.2003 1.7 changed: improved searching for events, rows not matching the search strings collapse.
11.01.2004 1.8 new: Cyclic events with cycles of a multiple of weeks, months... are supported.
changed: all setting-files are now stored in a subdirectory ".datelook". While start of Datelook old files are moved automatically into this directory.
17.02.2004 1.9 new: now DateLook can import, display and export vCalendar-objects with various CHARSETs (e.g. ISO-8859-x, MS932, ...). It depends on what the Java-machine is able to deal with. Special thanks to Edward Ray for finding bugs and testing with Japanese charset.
19.02.2004 1.9.1 source code checked with "FindBugs"; code is now more tidy.
20.03.2004 1.9.2 new: many functions such as open and close windows or zoom and shift can be controlled by the keyboard.
new: while editing an event it is graphically marked in the "events display".
new: whole-day-events can be easily created by pressing the shift-key while dragging with the mouse.
10.10.2004 1.9.3 first version especially for Mac OSX.
bugfix: some bugs relating to Mac OSX's mouse handling are fixed.
19.01.2005 1.9.4 new: the main window shows a number for each hour of a day and a grid if in maximum zoom state.
improved: the rendering of the main window while shifting or zooming with many events is much faster than before (among other things the smoothing of text and graphics is switched off in main window).
05.02.2005 1.9.5 After drag & drop of an event in the "events display" the Editor-window appears always. So now by pressing the Cancel-button the dragging can be cancelled.
The local database is saved every time if the local database changes and not only if DateLook is left. Therefore the menu-item "Save & Quit" is renamed to "Exit" and the item "Cancel & Quit" to "Revert & Exit".
04.03.2005 1.9.6 new: Predefined colours for different topics of events can be used.
Some small bugfixes and improvements.
07.04.2005 1.9.7 redesign of many classes, starting to make sourcecode javadoc-compliant, mechanism of automatic resizing of windows new designed (old mechanism made some trouble on Mac OS X) and some small bugfixes.
28.04.2005 1.9.8 new: right-mouse-click on the Summary of an event in the Main-Window opens the Editor-Window;
some small bugfixes.
02.09.2005 1.9.9 new: names of months and weekdays are displayed in the native language.
16.01.2006 1.10 new: command line start parameter to choose another than the default database file or to choose another settings directory.
new: used database file will be locked to prevent simultaneous usage of another DateLook instance.
new: used database file (if not the default) is shown in the window title.
16.02.2006 2.0 new: number of rows in the "events display" can be changed up to 30 rows.
new: a text label can be attached to each row.
redesign of some classes.
27.04.2006 2.0.1 small bugfix: Whole day events before 1.1.1970 started and ended at 0:05 AM.
01.11.2007 2.0.2 small bugfix: If dragging of an event was cancelled then the event class changes from "private" to "public".
29.11.2007 2.1 Very sorry but this version is buggy. Do NOT use it! While start/import/sync the LAST-MODIFIED-property of all imported events is set to the current time. This leads to improper synchronisation and import. Therefore sometimes the older version of an event is used.
03.12.2007 2.1a Deleted events are stored in the database for synchronisation. This means if a instance of DateLook deleted a certain event, then during synchronisation this event will be deleted from all other instances of DateLook too.
Generic Collections introduced. Therefore Java 1.5.0 is required.
RowManager redesigned.
New interface/classes RInterface, RTextField, RPasswordField, RProgressbar introduced.
Sync/import-bug from version 2.1 removed.
02.11.2010 2.2 Two smal bugfixes: Alarm window was not disposed if open and if the attached event was deleted; At DST-switch there was a rendering error at main window. Unfortunalely version 2.2 is not available for MacOS as binary.
28.11.2011 2.3 In SyncDialog there is now the possibility to store two different file server.
10.12.2020 2.3.1 New version that runs at java 11 too with no functional changes.