Hints to vCalendar V1.0

Datelook's export-/import-/synchronisation-function and the local database use the vCalendar V1.0-format according to the versit Consortium Specification from September 18, 1996. But DateLook implements only parts of that specification:

DateLook knows vEvent- and vTodo-Objects. The following table shows the Properties, Parameters and Values of these objects that DateLook understands. Unknown Objects, Properties, Parameters and Values are ignored. DTSTART, DTEND and SUMMARY are mandatory. Objects without these Properties are ignored too.

Property Parameter Values Remarks
DTSTART none yyyymmdd"T"hhmmss or
yyyy - year
mm - month
dd - day
hh - hour
mm - minute
ss - second
"Z" - UTC, without "Z" local time;
export always in UTC
DTEND none
UID none export: "datelook.de-"
import: any string
x.. - random decimal digits
y.. - UTC in msec when created
RRULE none "YM"c mm "#"x c-yearly, in mm month, for x times
"MD"c dd "#"x c-monthly, at dd day, for x times
"W"c "#"x c-weekly, for x times
"D"c "#"x c-daily for x times
range of c: 1 to 9
range of x: 0 to 999
(e.g. 3-weekly stands for every third week)
CHARSET all character sets that the Java runtime environment understands. e.g.: "US-ASCII", "ISO-8859-1" or Parameter can be absent. for export of new created events CHARSET is set to the default character set of the operating system; for imported events containing a different CHARSET, this one remains unchanged and is exported again; for imported events without CHARSET-parameter the default character set of the operating system is used.
ENCODING QUOTED-PRINTABLE or Parameter can be absent for export always QUOTED-PRINTABLE is used.
CLASS none PUBLIC or PRIVATE imported events without class-property are set to PUBLIC; imported events with unknown class-property are set to PRIVATE.
X-DTLK-COLOUR none rrrgggbbb RGB-format for the display colour:
rrr - red
ggg - green
bbb - blue
X-DTLK-GROUP none g group (values: 0 to 19)
none x x - number of already performed alarms for cyclic events;
range: 0 to unlimited
none TRUE This property indicates that this event is deleted. It is used only in the local and remote database for synchronisation purposes.

During export long lines (longer than 65 characters) are folded. This means that CRLF and a LWSP are inserted after the 65th character. During import folded lines are unfolded (remove of CRLF + LWSP).
Property values coded with QUOTED-PRINTABLE are folded too. But according to the rules of quoted-printable coding ("=" + CRLF is inserted/removed). With the first "hard" end of line the folding mechanism is switched back to the first rule.