Most screenshots are made using my favourite Linux X-Window Manager wmx. The first screenshot shows the main-window in the ExtendedView -mode of DateLook.

Extended View It consists of three parts: the calendar in the upper part with the times axis, the events display with a variable number of rows containing coloured rectangles for the events and in the lower part the summaries display with the summaries of all shown events. It is possible to change the number of rows between 5 and 30. A label can be attached to each row. Using this feature it is very easy to manage e.g. attendance and resource availability information.

Editor WindowLeft you can see the Editor-Window. Here all parameters of an event can be modified. Such as Begin- , End-, Alarm-time, Cycle, Summary,... Pressing the colour- button opens the ColourChooser-Window.

ColourChooser WindowThe ColourChooser-Window gives the possibility to edit the colour of an event or to select one of the predefined colours. Predefined Colours can be used for special topics as you can see in the picture or for priorities or what ever you like. Using predefined colours for special topics gives a better overview in the main-window.


Synchroniser The EventManager gives a quick overview of all stored events. Searching for events and deletion of selected events is possible. Events can be exported to or imported from a file in vCalendar V 1.0-format. Datelook can synchronise its local database with a remote database on a FTP-server or on a file-server in the internet or intranet.

Alarm Window DateLook gives alarm if the alarm-time of an event has been reached.